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Size matters

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I recall being around women and they would say how they all wanted a man with a big d..k. Bigger equals better as some will say. One of my homegirls said that she finally found a great man with a big d..k. I was like, this is what you wanted. But as I looked at her, she wasn’t happy when she said it. I asked what was wrong. She said that he is great and everything but he can only stay hard for 3 pumps. And can only go 1 time a day. First thing I thought was, she had a wish granted but she wasn’t specific. Was her “wish” wasted or did she get exactly what she asked for? Did her friends stir her wrong by not thinking more and talking less?

She ain’t got no walls because she had sex with too many men. Is that right? Or are you just talking and repeating without thinking? So you are telling me that a woman that has had sex with “many” men will lose tightness in her vagina? What about a woman that has had size with a man whose d..k is stuffing her vagina like a nightstick? She has been getting stuffed by the nightstick for years. Should her vagina be intact just because she had sex with the same man for years? Or are people just repeating and speaking without thinking?

Damn, she has a phat @$$. Does a bigger @$$ outweigh the merits of having a fine itty bitty booty?

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