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Can a person that has never done it, speak on it!!!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

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I often hear people saying something like, if he ain’t married then he can’t tell me about marriage. Or if she doesn't have kids then she can’t tell me about raising my kids. Or if they don’t have kids in school then they can’t speak on school issues. Is this a truth or are we blatantly ignoring a different view on a situation. If I don’t have any kids, that doesn’t mean that I don’t care what happens to children in a school setting. What if they have nieces, nephews and cousins that attend school. Should that person’s opinion be discredited?

Should a person that didn’t play sports speak on sports? What if they had a physical situation that prevented them from playing sports? By speaking on sports, I’m speaking X’s and O’s, trades, personnel moves, team building, stats, wins and loses. I’m not talking about attaching personal, oftentimes negative feelings toward a player or team. People can still enjoy the nuances of the “game”, have something to say and still have important information to add.

Can a person that didn’t vote, speak on what’s going on in local and national political situations? Some would quickly say no. I would ask, why didn’t they vote? What if the candidates were not appealing to their wants and needs? What if the policies weren’t enough? What if they see the political parties as 2 sides of the same coin?

Did the father of Venus and Serena play professional tennis or win any titles? But look how that turned out.

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