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Man Cave

The term Man Cave has become synonymous with a place where a man can relax and me a “man”. He can do man things. He can have his friends over and do what they do. They can watch sports, play video games, play cards, play dominoes and talk freely amongst other men. But if a man pays the mortgage, shouldn’t the entire house be his “man cave”? I’m not talking about letting his friends inside the bedroom where he and his lady sleeps. I’m talking about access to the living room, etc. Shouldn’t he be able to speak freely with his friends anywhere in the house as long as the conversation is respectful?

Or would the counterpoint be, what about the kids and his lady? What if the friends are inappropriate with either? Then those people aren’t friends in the truest sense of the word.

What is the woman’s equivalent to a man cave? I saw a commercial about a She-Shed. Ha. It would be difficult for me to see a woman leaving her house to go to a shed just to relax or work on a project. Do women have a specific place in the house to hang and talk $#!+ with their friends or do they have the run of the entire house? Hmmmmmmm, interesting.

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