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Covid Eye opener

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

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The Covid era also known as the new normal, has been dropped on us. Covid has shown me what is important, what’s needed vs what was wanted. We have been tested in numerous and various ways. I have seen some hypocritical situations come about. I’ve seen a lot of fear being exhibited or exposed.

Can you truly believe in your religion or what you were taught in the church and still be fearful of the unknown? I’ve heard things like, I pray but I also have common sense. I’ve heard prayer does work but in this case it's different. I’ve heard, yeah I know it says the Lord will fight my battles but the governor and pastor said otherwise.

I often wondered what happened to the people that believed, asking their lord and savior for help. Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to ask for help? I'm talking that right now help. I’m talking that no making excuses help. But what about the “promised land” in the sky? What about he milk and honey? What about the streets paved with gold? But the people I’ve seen don’t want to get to the promised land. They would rather stay down here and complain about the things they don’t have. I’ve heard the same people complain day after day about how bad it is or how bad it has gotten. Health care or lack there of, racism, the new generation, crime, etc. But they don’t want to die to get to their promised land.

Has Covid exposed the fraud in some of these belief systems?

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