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Does Energy Matter

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In the last few years people have been saying “Energy”. Keep that same energy. The energy you put out will be returned. Positive energy brings positive energy. If there are more negative people putting out more negative energy, does that outweigh the people putting out positive energy? How does it work? Have we ever thought about it or are we just repeating trendy phrases?

Since energy cannot be created or destroyed (supposedly), how can we use this to bring more positive results? But your definition of “positive” may be completely different from the “positive” outcome of another person. If we all focused on the same positive outcome, would it come to fruition?

I saw this question on Instagram a while ago. If the slave and the master pray to the same God, whose prayer gets answered first? Does energy work according to who wants the desired outcome most? Does energy work according to who deserves their desired outcome? Can energy be considered “good” or “evil”? It sounds like there is a lot of freestyling going on. It sounds like people are riding trends and not actually critically thinking.

Some may believe that prayer is another form of energy usage to get a desired outcome. But once again, there are “hopeful” prayers and there are hateful “prayers”. I’m not sure if we actually understand “energy” and how it can be used. Positive thoughts, meditation, positive actions create a positive space but these are all subjective.


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