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Did our parents drop the ball

I was recently in a conversation with someone and they stated, the previous generation didn’t teach us any useful information to get us ready for the future and the world at large. In other words, they didn’t teach us $#!+. This person talked about how their family spent time working at their “good” jobs and partying afterwards. Their family believed in sending their kids to school and the kids listening to the teachers. Allowing the teachers to do their jobs. Seeing kids get whippings because they were acting up and the teacher would ask if they had any home training.

Did our parents teach us information that would have us prepared for the world at large or did our parents let the teachers show us the way? I think they taught us what they knew at the time. I think they taught us what their parents imparted on them. Our parents are also “teachers” in every sense of the word. I hear and see people saying, teach your child how to be a business owner. Ummmmmm, what if the parent doesn’t know how to run a business? I think a trusted mentor with a successful business may be able to aid that child. Parenting by proxy also known as it takes a village.

I remember having conversations with my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and older cousins about having manners and being “good”. I can’t remember having conversations about being a business owner even though quite a few of my family members own successful businesses. Maybe they were too busy working. Maybe I missed the conversation because I was running around playing. Just because I don’t remember the conversation taking place doesn’t mean it didn’t take place.

Back to the ball being dropped or bounced. What percentage of blame do our parents get for not teaching us or not raising us?

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