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Does your man approve of your “costume” or does he just go along with it?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

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Certain things are “Taboo”. Asking a woman what her weight is. Asking a woman what her age is. Who made up these taboo subjects and why have people gone along with them. But I’m about to switch it up a little. Let’s talk about looks and image. We hear the term “real man” quite often. Without hearing their definition of a real man.

In terms of looks, what is a “real woman”? Have you ever seen the movie, I’m going to get you sucka? There is a famous scene where the main character took a “real woman” back to the room. Let’s just say, she was less than “real”.

Would it be true to say women put on a “costume” to look what is their definition of “real”? This is not a slight on women or men. When going to the “Beauty shop”, what is the goal? Is the goal to enhance the beauty that is already there? Is the goal to totally change the look? Is the goal to camouflage? Does the amount of the change directly reflect the self esteem of a person?

I wonder if the significant other cosigns the costume. Hair install, lashes, makeup (fake up), nails, body modification, stomach surgery. Then there are these aforementioned things in excess. Have we become caricatures? Has your significant other said they like your excessive hair installs, lashes, makeup (fake up), nails, body modification, stomach surgery? Then the time it takes to get these things done. An hour to put on makeup (fakeup)? Man down. Who do we get “made up” for? Our friends, ourselves, or our significant others?

Is that costume the definition of being a makeup magician and false advertising? I think twice or even three times about shaking the hand of someone with those extended nails. Because I think if you have to wipe your butt some matter may be on those nails.

On another note, why do women accept when men have their pants sagging below their butt. That sorta kinda seems …… nevermind. That’s a subject for another post.

Are their men or significant others afraid to speak up on the costumes of their women? A “real man” wouldn’t be afraid to speak up on the appearance that is an extension of him. Unless he is going along to get along.

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