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Can we accept loss?

Just in case you didn’t know, I’ve watched a lot of movies. With that being said, I’ve watched some many movies where the people in a relationship can’t leave eachother alone. One leaves then comes back. The other leaves then comes back. Oh, don’t let one or the other find out they have been replaced by a “better” alternative. Whew, now comes the trying to be reattached in some form or fashion. But did the relationship actually work to begin with?

When all know that as soon as we are born the countdown to our deaths has begun. We know this to be a fact but we still take death so hard. I’m not talking about the people that want to jump into the casket at the funeral. Or the ones that say, why them Lord? Why didn’t you take me? You know, the ones that put on a show in public. Ummmmm, your time is coming, just wait. I’m talking about the fathers and mothers that truly love their kids. I’m talking about the teachers that want to see every student become a success story. If death is inevitable, why is it so hard to accept it?

I’ve seen people “buy” cars and merchandise knowing very well they can’t afford these items or keep up the payments after a few months. They know they will lose these items if the payments aren’t kept up. These same people will then try any and everything to keep the items once the dealerships or stores try to regain the merchandise. I’m talking about hiding cars or claiming the cars have been stolen. The contract clearly states,if you can’t pay, give us our stuff back. Ha

Sports fans ohhhhhhhh sports fans. I’m not sure if it’s the betting on the games or the belief that we can live vicariously through the team we are supporting. Some of these “historic” franchises have lost or have had losing records for years but the “fans” short for “fanatics” still support that team. They will not change teams for nothing. Maybe they are holding on to the hope that the team will one day turn their records around.

Is not loss a part of our existence? Is not loss a part of what makes life, life?

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