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Welcome Spectators


I would like to  thank you for dropping by and joining  ya' boy Moondog38732!

The Moondog38732 Show originated in Cleveland, MS.  The passion for entertaining was  birthed  from my family's love of story telling. Some would say I have a particular style of  story-telling that brings comedy, laughter and life lessons. I share these stories through my YouTube channel The Moondog38732 Show.


I  think of myself as a person that has one hell of an imagination that's wrapped in entertaining, fun, life, love, travel, art, opinions and facts. I like to challenge conventional thinking and the status quo, I like picking people's brains to see what they are really about, Ha! 


The Moondog38732  Show has a passion for supporting small business owners through promotion and interviews on  Facebook and The Moondog38732  Show on  YouTube. I am building conglomerate  through  networking and relationship building.  


The MoonDog38732 Show is looking to become  a "success" this year.  I wish success and prosperity to all of my supporters, business partners and like minded individuals.  


- Dwayne  Andre

aka  "Moondog38732"


Episode 1

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